Magick Minx Productions were invited by The PMC Studio to submit a piece of Silverwork For the British Silver Week Launch on April 27th 2010 to join their 'Outdoor Dining by the Cornish Coast' Installation
Here's a few photographs showing the process Leigh went through in creating her 'Wine Coaster & Wine Stopper Set'

Once I had been given the 'Theme' I knew I wanted to create something that would evoke childhood memories of crashing waves & Rockpools. In order to do this I needed to gather together my Seashell collection & go moulding crazy with my moulding compound. One of my Cyber friends (Thanks Kerensa) had to nip down to her local beach & gather together some Mussel shells with crusty Barnacles

In order to create my wave I decided to paste a piece of 'Bogwood', I orginally wanted to insert my silver into a base of driftwood but realised that space would be an issue when the piece was exhibited.

Here's the bogwood ready for 'burn-out' firing in Sally Carvers (RedHotSal) kiln

Heh heh, now I asked to used Sallys Kiln due to the size of the piece of wood but after we got smoked out of her Lampworking Studio Sally is now convinced it was because I didn't want the smoke & smell in my studio!! (It would seem my subconcious is a genius as I wasn't aware of that possibility!)

So here we have the start of the construction, attaching the Pasted Wave to a cuff of Silver which is surrounding the Ceramic Coaster Base.

Obviously I need to make underneath all pretty too!

Underneath now complete

This is after the piece had been fired, lots & lots of polishing now!!!

This is after the initial firing & dipping of Liver of Sulphur which was a little bit scary as it went Bright Purple & Gold!! How come you never get those gorgeous colours when you actually need them!????

A close-up of the back where you can see the wood residue that has been left behind, I decided to leave this as I liked the look of it, very organic & sea-like!

Getting there...slowly!

Underneath post firing.

The back & underneath (using my cunning Bottle of Liver of Sulphur trick so I can turn it upside down!)

The amazing Wine Stopper Knob that the lovely Sally Carver made for me (just prior to me filling her studio with smoke!)

The Stopper after a little bit of Silver had been Applied

& on the day at the British Silver Week Launch with the other PMC Studio Artists work.