These days there are a wide variety of Metal Clays available in the marketplace, here at Magick Minx we only use PMC Products & 'Goldie Bronze' as we have found these to be the easiest to handle & fire with guaranteed consistency.

PMC Original

The Original! This version has the best working properties and remains moist a bit longer than the others. PMC Original shrinks by 28%, so textures and details are enhanced after firing. Objects made from original PMC remain slightly porous even after proper firing, this means they are lighter than the same size object made of wrought silver, but also means strength is reduced.

PMC Original is also called PMC Standard, this was the first type of PMC clay on the market and is availably only in lump form. It shrinks up to 30 per cent, as it needs to be fired for two hours it is only suitable for kiln firing. It is ideally suited for projects that require fine details as you can make it large and let it shrink when firing.


This version, called "PMC Plus" is made of a differently shaped metal particle and contains less binder. The shrinkage rate is 12-15%. PMC+ offers three distinct firing options, two of them at lower temperatures than the original. Objects made of PMC+ can go from clay to metal in as little as 10 minutes. This material is about 10% more expensive than original PMC because of increased material costs. PMC+ is available in lump clay and sheet.


This is the latest type of PMC and recommended for anyone starting to work with PMC. It shrinks only around 6%. As it is the most durable and strongest PMC product it is most suitable for rings. PMC3 is also the best for using with glass. In addition it has the best lustre of the three types of PMC Silver.

PMC3 fires at a low temperature and can be torch fired in 2 minutes. (When torch firing remember to time the two minutes from the time the piece starts to glow. Ideally pieces should be no larger or thicker than a 50p piece.)

PMC3 is available in lump clay, syringe and paste. As the silver particles in this clay are the most dense of the range, it should be used for carrying out repairs on any type of fired PMC.

24K Gold

The original 24k gold can be used to make solid elements for embedding into other types of PMC (once fired) or turned into paste by adding a few drops of water. If used as paste we recommend painting 2-3 thin layers on your PMC piece whilst still white after firing, then torch fire for 2 minutes.

22K Gold

This new type of gold has just been launched. It is less ‘orange’ in colour compared to the 24K gold and can be fired with PMC+ or PMC3 on the PMC+ kiln programme or torch fired.